Translation & Interpreting



Your materials are the result of a long process of thinking and writing. They deserve to be carefully translated by a professional.

Translation is not substituting a word in one language with another in a different language; it is a much more complex process. I thoroughly analyze the text and carefully choose the wording and the turn of phrase so that the final text sounds perfectly natural to a French reader. I always work with rigor and creativity.

A few examples of my work

  • for Eriksen Translations agency: translated various materials for institutions such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, MoMa, SFMOMA, the Philadelphia Fina Arts Museum, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the French American School of New York, to name a few. 
  • for Cillero & De Motta translation agency: translated clothes descriptions for a major Spanish clothing retailer 
  • for Atlantide, les mots du monde à Nantes literary festival: translated poems by Jaime Gil de Biedma and Aurora Reyes for a public reading 
  • for the Centre Culturel Franco Espagnol : translated various poems from the book “A pesar del frío” by Diego Medina Poveda for a public reading during a poetic stroll throughout the city of Nantes 
  • for the candy company Golosin: transcreated the names of several products 
  • for the École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes: wrote and translated communications materials and student exchange agreements

Translating applies to written materials, whereas interpreting is carried out orally. My goal is to build a bridge between artists and their audience.

I interpret at cultural events in order to establish communication between the English or Spanish-speaking artists and audience members. I have an excellent grasp of both Spanish and English, feel comfortable speaking in public and possess general knowledge across a wide range of subjects. These assets enable me to impart original meaning accurately and clearly.

Some events where I interpreted

  • Event with Spanish artist Leticia Baselgas, organized by the concert venue Nouveau Pavillon and Bougenais public library


  • Preview of the documentary “Notfilm” and discussion with Amercian director Ross Lipman at the Cinématographe 
  • Screening of the documentary “La caravana del manuscrito andalusí” and discussion with Spanish director Lidia Peralta, organized by the Centre Culturel Franco Espagnol and the Cinématographe 
  • Screenings of the documentary “La era del buen vivir” and discussions with Mexican activist Carlos Manzo during the Solidarity Festival, organized by the Maison des Citoyens du Monde

For the 4th edition of Atlantide, Les mots du Monde à Nantes literary festival, we worked with Florence Calvez to translate several poems and literary texts from Spanish to French. We appreciated this collaboration as she respected the deadlines and produced good quality translations.

Marie-Sylvie Bitarelle, head coordinator of Atantide, les mots du monde festival

Thank you very much, Florence. Your translations are wonderful! I can see the work you’ve done to stick with the concept, thank you for your excellent work.

Esther Alvarez, Golosin

Florence is a very active translator in our network and contributes on a regular basis to the magazine. We strongly recommend this skillful and open-minded translator.

Katharina Klauss, senior editor at Cafébabel magazine